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Camping Hammocks are ideal for the Australian Bush . . .

No more stiff joints and aching muscles from camping on hard ground.

Bush Sunset

Hennessy Bush Sunset

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Hennessy Canopy Camping

Blackbird Hammock Sleeping Position

Blackbird Foot Box and Shelf

Blackbird XLC Hammock

Blackbird XLC Hammock Setup

Hennessy Hammocks - with FREE PacSac™

Expedition Velcro

Hennessy Expedition Velcro

Buy Here - $225

Expedition Zip

Hennessy Expedition Zip

Buy Here - $235

Explorer Zip

Hennessy Explorer Zip

Buy Here - $275

Warbonnet Blackbird Hammocks

Blackbird Original

Blackbird Original

Buy Here - $399

Blackbird XLC

Blackbird XLC

Buy Here - $445

Hammock Camping Accessories



Buy Here - $29

Hennessy Hex-Rainfly

Hennessy Hex-Rainfly

Buy Here - $129

Klymit Standard V Hammock Pad

Klymit Standard V Pad

Buy Here - $219

Klymit Insulated V Hammock Pad

Klymit Insulated V Pad

Buy Here - $249

Diagonal Sleeping Position

A one person shelter that suspends from two trees with a 'diagonal' sleeping position - this is more comfortable than lying along the axis. The body is flatter and less banana-shaped which allows for a more restful, therapeutic sleeping position -

bush sunset

Diagonal Sleeping Position used by Indigenous Mayan

Double Opening PacSac™


Replaces both Snake Skins and Carry Bag


Sunshine Coast from Balmoral Ridge Qld

The Double Opening PacSac™ is a universal pack-away system for Hammock Camping - offering one operation, packed ready to go, and is large enough to fit BOTH the Hennessy Safari with large Hex Rainfly packed together!

When setting-up camp, pass one end of the hammock ridge-line thru the PacSac™ and secure this end to the first support. Leave the PacSac™ suspended on the ridge-line at the first support, while you go and secure the other end of your hammock support system.

When breaking camp, first untie the support at the PacSac™ end, then as you move towards the other support, gather your Hammock with or without the Fly, and pack away as you approach the other support. Your Hammock never needs to touch the ground, and is packed ready for transit.

With the double-opening feature you have the option of leaving both ridge-lines outside ready to attach, or packing them away together with the tree-huggers inside the Sac, so your personal belongings are always kept separate and dry. If the canopy gets wet, first roll up the hammock, then roll inside the fly before stuffing into your PacSac™.

Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock

Klymit V Pad ‘Pack-up' Demo

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